Song Review: You Had To Pick On Me

By, Donna M. Monnig

Matt Kennon’s new song, You Had To Pick On Me is a real eye opener, or in this case, an ear opener. Hailed as the anti-bullying song, Kennon’s newest recording has struck a chord with listeners young and old alike.

Written by Matt Kennon, Jami Grooms, and Garrett Parris the song brings into focus the sad reality that so many children face:

He was scared as hell of that recess bell
That playground was more like a battlefield
And he knew he’d get himself killed
If he didn’t back down

When did our schools become a place where children have to fear for their lives? How did recess go from being a playground to a war-zone?

Bullying is a problem that is all too easily brushed aside as a normal part of life, a normal part of growing up; unfortunately, you know bullying has become a serious issue when new terms like Bullycide [suicide as a result of being bullied] come into existence. It becomes a problem that can no longer be ignored, when loss of life becomes so prevalent.

The chorus points out the sad truth, showing that the bullies and bullied could’ve been friends, then further states:

You could’ve made a difference, you could’ve stepped in
If you didn’t like me, you should’ve just let me be
But no, you had to pick on me

I’m reminded of the movie, Pay It Forward, starring Haley Joel Osment. His character Trevor devised ‘pay it forward’ to try and change the world, his last act of paying it forward was paying the price for trying to help his friend against a bully.

Even the few willing to stand up against bullies in someone else’s defence have to face serious risks. All because someone gets their fun from hurting others, whether physically or emotionally.

Kennon was quoted saying, “It’s not fluff, it’s not fictional. People are hurting.”

The end of the song is both a wake up call as well as a call to action:

It’s time to make a stand, take responsibility
Cause it’s gotten out’a hand
There should never have to be
Another child’s headstone
That might as well read
You had to pick on me

Kennon’s older song, The Call reached out and created awareness for suicide, abortion, and the need to converse with ones friends and loved ones. So far, You Had To Pick On Me is continuing Kennon’s mission to make music that matters. The student made video for the song and the video campaign that has resulted from it is testament to the impact that this song is having.

On his website, Kennon says, “Let’s make a difference against bullying and protect our future of America, the kids!”

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About Donna M. Monnig

Donna M. Monnig is a published poet, aspiring novelist, freelance writer, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and is a cowgirl at heart.
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