Seven Unusual Books I Never Would’ve Imagined

By, Donna M. Monnig

Do you ever come across books that make you do a double take when you see the title? You have to look again just to be sure you read it right, because you can’t imagine a book like that being real. I read a large variety of books, and when it comes to ideas for books, a few of mine would make a list like this if they were published, still, here’s a list of seven books that, I do have to admit, surprised me.

7. “My Best Friend Is A Wookiee: A Memoir” By, Tony Pacitti 

This is a book that stands out in a crowd. How it ended up on my bookshelf, I honestly don’t know. I haven’t had a chance to read it so I don’t know if it’s any good, but I will give points for an intriguing title. If the cover of this book is anything to go by, then it’s sure to be an interesting memoir, and possibly an encyclopedia of Star Wars. When I eventually get around to reading it I’ll be sure to post a review.

In the meantime, have you read this book? Did you like it?

6. “The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment” By, A.J. Jacobs

 This is another one of them books that I’m not quite sure where it came from, but if that book cover doesn’t raise an eyebrow or two, I don’t know what will.

I haven’t read all of this book, which is about Jacobs’ experiments on different ways of living life. The back cover states: “Learn what it’s like to go undercover as a woman. And impersonate a movie star. ” “And outsource every part of your life to India…” You get the idea.

This book is definitely different, though his chapter entitled, “My Life as a Beautiful Woman”, luckily is not so drastic as it would lead you to believe, Jacobs’ only pretends to be a woman online in that experiment. Makes you a little leery of the internet, doesn’t it? However, his chapter on his outsourced life was fairly interesting. Again I haven’t read much of this book, if you have feel free to tell me about it.

5. “Secrets of the M*A*S*H Mess: The Lost Recipes of Private Igor” By, Jeff Maxwell

Anyone who was a fan of the television series, M*A*S*H, will most likely remember the unprecedented number of complaints that the food in the Mess Tent received.  So, naturally I was surprised to find a cookbook claiming to embody the recipes for the aforementioned inedible delights. Never the less, being the M*A*S*H fan that I am, I had to have the cookbook.

Jeff Maxwell was a minor star in the series, you might remember him as, Private Igor, the rather dumb looking fella who always served out the mystery substances that were supposedly food. I haven’t had a chance to try out any of the recipes yet, Alan Alda [Hawkeye] was quoted in saying this about the book: “Can’t wait to try the recipes. There are several people I’m trying to kill.” Not to worry, once I get my courage up I’ll post a review, if the food doesn’t kill me that is.

4. “Don’t Go There! : The Travel Detective’s Essential Guide to the Must-Miss Places of the World” By, Peter Greenberg

I dream of traveling all over the world one day, in preparation for all my future adventures I’ve come across a lot of travel books; however, I never figured I’d come across a traveling book called, “Don’t Go There!” Seriously, who writes a book about the, “must-miss places of the world”?

Peter Greenberg’s book may look a little strange at first glance, at least it did to me, but upon further investigation it seems to have some fairly sensible information.

One of the first pages of the book states: “We’ve all had a trip that went horribly wrong, whether it was a flight from hell, a disastrous cruise ship journey, or a resort that made the Bates Motel look like a four-star palace.” There are chapters ranging from the places with the worst air pollution, the worst drinking water, the most natural disasters, toxic places, worst airlines, the most disease, etc. Overall, it’s probably not a bad book to have.

3. “Go For No” By, Richard Fenton

If you’ve ever been in sales, marketing, or home-based businesses, then you know that there are about a million or so marketing and networking books that you, supposedly, can’t live without.  If you’ve ever bothered to read many of them, they all say pretty much the same thing. Not this book.

Go For No, has a different recipe for success, instead of trying to get people to say ‘yes’ to whatever it is you’re doing, you want to get people to say ‘no’… sort of. The book says: “YES is the destination. NO is how you get there.” Basically it’s using the law of averages, the more people who tell you ‘no’, will lead you that much closer to the people who are going to say ‘yes’.  Does it actually work? Maybe, maybe not, all I know is that I was surprised to find a sales and marketing book that recommends rejection.

2. “Reading Stargate SG-1” Edited by, Stan Beeler and Lisa Dickson

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a cowgirl at heart, therefore, they’re all surprised to learn that I’m an avid Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis fan. I, on the other hand, was surprised to find a Stargate book for scholars, in which: “….contributors discuss Stargate SG-1’s characters, cinematic techniques, its themes and its place within science fiction television and film, along with its interaction with fan fiction, its Canadian setting, its ideological framing in the American point-of-view, and its tensions between humanistic morality and its representation of military/political objectives.” That’s a mouthful, basically all they would’ve had to say is: this book is a bunch of essays that examine different aspects of Stargate SG-1.

I love the Stargate television series, but this book leads me back to a suspicion I’ve had for a long time, that people in the academic world over-think things way too much! What do you think?

1. “The Space Tourist’s Handbook” By, Eric Anderson

This is the book that surprised me the most, “The Space Tourist’s Handbook: Where to Go, What to See, and How to Prepare for the Ride of Your Life”. Unlike, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, this book isn’t fiction.

Anderson is the President of Space Adventures, the world’s leading space tourism company. Space Adventures made Dennis Tito the world’s first space tourist on April 28, 2001.

I guess there are so many people who want to visit space, “for the vacation of a lifetime”, that the company decided they needed a how-to book for all the potential space tourists. I wonder if Greenberg thought to mention anything about space in, “Don’t Go There!”?

Apparently almost anyone can become a space tourist, all you really need is the $2o million dollar fee. For me, if I start saving now, that’ll add up to be about… a 20 million year wait.

Space tourism; is it just me, or is our world turning into a science fiction movie?

So, what unusual books have you come across? Have you read any of the ones mentioned here? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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– Linda S.


About Donna M. Monnig

Donna M. Monnig is a published poet, aspiring novelist, freelance writer, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and is a cowgirl at heart.
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4 Responses to Seven Unusual Books I Never Would’ve Imagined

  1. booklover says:

    Whoa! 20 million dollars to go into space??? Insane! This is an interesting list, that’s for sure, I’ve never heard of ANY of these books! A couple of them sound really cool though, I will have to check them out. Thanks for posting this info!


    • I know, I can’t believe that anyone would actually pay that kind of money to spend a couple days in space! I love space but even if I had that kind of money (which I never will!), I don’t think I could spend it for that.
      I’m glad this post was helpful to you, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
      God Bless,


  2. Thanks for including Go for No in such a great and unusual list!


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