No Muse [Poetry: Anytime, Anyplace…]

Poetry: Anytime, Anyplace, About Anything – No Muse

By, Donna M. Monnig

For Day Eight of NaPoWriMo I give you “No Muse.”

Blue Sunset - ©Donna M. Monnig

No Muse
“No muse,” you say?
       Therefore you cannot write?
As if that were the only way –
       That excuse is rather trite.
The breath of inspiration
       cannot wait on a muse,
Creative infiltration
       is the method to use.
Reach out with your senses,
       reach out with your soul,
Cut through barbed-wire fences;
       in writers block, bust a hole. 
All the world is a canvas –
       blank for you to use,
Use senses to paint stanzas,
       and you shall never need a muse.
©Donna M. Monnig

About Donna M. Monnig

Donna M. Monnig is a published poet, aspiring novelist, freelance writer, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and is a cowgirl at heart.
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