NaPoWriMo 2015: Distant Archer


Distant Archer

I see an archer way up high,
but he is no elf or robber of the rich.
I’m not even sure if it be girl or guy,
the surrounding is as black as pitch.
Arm pulled back, arrow notched,
the string held tight, ready to go,
Eyes upon distant enemy locked,
but to me the target is invisible.
I know not where the arrow will fly,
but I know the aim will be true.
As I watch the archer in the sky,
who with his horse is one, not two.
©Donna M. Monnig
Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a poem about the stars. Naturally I would have to pick the constellation Sagittarius. What’s your favorite constellation? 

About Donna M. Monnig

Donna M. Monnig is a published poet, aspiring novelist, freelance writer, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and is a cowgirl at heart.
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