Different Shades of Luck (NaPoWriMo)

Different Shades of Luck DMM.png

Different Shades of Luck
By Donna M. Monnig

This magnificent beast called luck.
In it’s clutches all are stuck.
Always in different shapes and shades,
Spreading hope and despair in equal spades.
Some get the Good, some get the Dumb.
Some are left kings, others made bums.
The Luck of the Draw, or the Devil’s own,
Luck is not a skill one can hone.
At the end of the day, odds low or high,
Fate is as fickle as the roll of a die.
Unpredictable, never what it would seem,
Even the Luck of the Irish is not always green.

© 2017 Donna M. Monnig


About Donna M. Monnig

Donna M. Monnig is a published poet, aspiring novelist, freelance writer, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and is a cowgirl at heart.
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4 Responses to Different Shades of Luck (NaPoWriMo)

  1. Desdi says:

    I like rhyme with a clear message. I detest modernistic incoherence.
    That’s why I like this poem ! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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