NaPoWriMo 2015: Thursday Triangle


Thursday Triangle

                                out rather
                              difficult but
                            then, I thought 
                         it was much better
                        when I was given a
                      trillion. This it turned 
                    out was not to be for me
               because nothing in life is ever
             free. It was a joke because I am 
         still broke and will have to continue 
      to work. But that’s okay, it’s still a good
    day, when you can say that you are alive 
and still have the will to survive. So here I am. 
                       ©Donna M. Monnig
I didn’t post this yesterday because my internet was down most of the day what with all the storms. But here it is, still in keeping with my series of Monday Blunderland, Tuesday Trillionaire, Wednesday Without Wealth, and now Thursday Triangle (the NaPoWriMo Prompt was to write a poem and make the words form a shape … or something like that). 
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NaPoWriMo 2015: Wednesday Without Wealth




Wednesday Without Wealth

Yesterday, I wrote that,
I was a trillionaire,
I was grinning like a cat,
with a Cheshire grin so rare!
But listen if you will,
as I tell of fickle fate,
For my trillion dollar bill,
it turns out it was fake!
So, I retract what I said,
goodbye happiness and health,
my finances are dead,
this Wednesday I’m without wealth!
©Donna M. Monnig
Trillion Dollar Bill
Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a palinode – a poem in which you retract a statement made in an earlier poem. I don’t know if this was a true palinode, but it was fun to retract what I wrote in “Tuesday Trillionaire.”
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NaPoWriMo 2015: Tuesday Trillionaire

Trillion Dollar Bill

Tuesday Trillionaire

My Monday started out so wrong,
One blunder after another!
But today is like a song,
I love it like no other!
For as I was closing down last night,
I found something so very rare,
This bill was left for me, that’s right,
I’m now, officially, a trillionaire!
©Donna M. Monnig
Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write about money. This is based on a true story too, I was given a trillion dollar bill yesterday – who knew Lincoln was on it and the five dollar bill! Gotta love fake money … except if it’s a tip …  :)
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NaPoWriMo 2015: Monday Blunderland


Monday Blunderland

As I awoke to the sound of my alarm,
I look at my clock – and scream!
Now, I’ve never been taken in by morning’s charm,
I much prefer night with perchance to dream.
But on this morning, on this date,
As I stare, digital numbers glaring at me.
I realize that I’m late, I’m late,
With no time even for a cup of Irish tea.
My clock it seems jumped out of hand,
As out of bed jumped me, myself, and I.
I felt like I’d entered into Blunderland,
My clock was an hour long with no reason why.
As I rushed through my broken daybreak,
I knew I’d be late to work, there was no other way,
I questioned how my clock could forsake,
When suddenly, it was explained in a word – Monday!
©Donna M. Monnig
Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write an aubade, which is essentially a morning poem dealing with dawn and/or daybreak. Also, the prompt suggested making it into a Monday poem seeing as it’s Monday. (This is a mostly true story by the way!) What’s your best (or worst) Monday story?
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NaPoWriMo 2015: The Bunny and the Cross

- picture from Wikimedia Commons by Sergey Tarasenko

– picture from Wikimedia Commons by Sergey Tarasenko

The Bunny and the Cross

There is this thing called money,
It is loved by corporations.
They monetized the Easter Bunny,
Cashing in on holiday preparations.
Stores are filled with candy and toys,
In the early spring each year.
And it delights young girls and boys,
When Easter morning nears.
For they know the Easter Rabbit,
Will pay a visit, with candy to their home.
And it has become such a habit,
That Easter’s meaning is nearly gone.
But corporations happily ignore,
That meaning and tradition are lost.
For, which will sell better, they’re sure,
Is the bunny, not the cross.
©Donna M. Monnig
Seeing as it’s Easter, I decided not to go with the NaPoWriMo prompt this morning.
What’s your opinion, do you think the meaning of Easter has been lost in corporate America? 
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Thankful Easter

- picture from Wikimedia Commons by aussiegall

– picture from Wikimedia Commons by aussiegall

Here’s a poem that my mom wrote for this wonderful Easter morning, reminding us to be thankful for what we have.

Thankful Easter

Christ rose from the dead today,
So that He could show us the way.
That we should not fear our death,
When it is time for our last breath.
He showed us that if we live our life,
Accepting our pain, toil, and strife.
That when we die it wouldn’t be the end,
Instead, we’d be with Him, our friend.
So get down on your knees today,
Thank Him fondly as you pray.
He could have stayed in heaven above,
But He died and rose to show us His love.
©Mildred L. Monnig 
What are you most thankful for this Easter?
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NaPoWriMo 2015: Another Four Letter Word

- picture from

– picture from

Another Four Letter Word

It’s just another four letter word,
that one that starts with L.
It can be the best thing you’ve ever heard,
or it can make you feel like hell.
It has been compared to the stars,
and bought billions in diamonds and roses,
But it’s just as responsible for filling up bars,
and causing a few broken bones and bloody noses.
It has made more than one husband and wife,
but it has dug more than a few graves as well.
It’s equally responsible for happiness and strife,
this four letter word that starts with L.
So, next time you feel this thing at first sight,
and hear birds singing inside of your mind –
Don’t get twitter-pated without a fight,
remember, four letter words are rarely kind.
©Donna M. Monnig
Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a love or not love poem without using the word love. What’s your favorite love or not love poem?
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