Demarcations (NaPoWriMo)


They started out as stone,
Iron and metal were later wrought,
For as long as history’s known
Humans have built, perfected, sought.
So many different years
And so many different kinds:
Physical – allay or ignite fears
Mental – reside inside our minds
Metal, wire, vinyl, electric, chain,
Barbed, plastic, wood … all binds
Boundaries marked for loss or gain.
To hold captive, to protect,
A dichotomy of use and need
Some a symbol of regret,
Some a symbol of great deed.
Names etched upon the surface,
Prayers pooled beneath stone,
Whether good or evil purpose,
It’s all people have ever known.
Nations, pastures, individual abodes,
Territory marked, boundaries, and seams,
Expected and accepted cultural codes,
Prison yards and white picket dreams.
Surrounded daily under such strain,
Manmade structures splitting the Earth
Mindmade too compart our brains,
Outside forces shaping from birth.
We can’t escape the links and posts
Splitting the land, splitting our senses
Even in death they guard our ghosts,
There’s no escape surrounded by fences.

© Donna M. Monnig

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Flashpoint (NaPoWriMo)

Flashpoint DMM


Insanity escapes
a carnival ride
Bonus extra of fun
Pirates – Into
the West.
Lethal weapon
Leverage beyond
Falling skies
Into the darkness
Your money
Catching fire
Person of interest
Escaping destiny
Forbidden enterprise
a vindication Bourne
Writing in red
With a green Arrow
The final season
of injustice
The missing manual
of num3ers
is supernatural
Flashpoint optional.

© Donna M. Monnig

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Cautionary Tale (NaPoWriMo)

Cautionary Tale DMM

Cautionary Tale

Knowledge is a treasure
that we can’t measure,
but books can contain –
they founded civilization
and helped build our nation,
yet, in gratitude we disdain.
Who needs a book
when one quick look
on Google tells you anything?
But put to the test
Google’s not the best
its information, plain.
Context is the key
to keep us free
from a tyrant’s reign.
Without knowledge
libraries and college
there’s little we can gain.
Learning is liberation,
freed many a nation
from hate, hunger, and pain.
But if it’s not free
only the elite can see
all the written refrain.
Books are such power
Libraries shouldn’t cower
under budget strain.
The highest cost
will come if they’re lost,
knowledge all but slain.
Liberty doesn’t come free,
needs more than military
to protect its domain.
We spend money on tanks
but give little thanks
to nourishing the brain.
All is for naught
without free thought
which libraries sustain.
But they’re just dusty books,
at which no one looks,
so why bother to maintain?
So long as they’re there,
people don’t care,
it seems so mundane.
But once they’re gone,
the rich and the strong
will be better able to constrain.
Those who don’t know
will have no place to go,
for knowledge to ascertain.
For the world to succeed
every person should read
and use the knowledge they attain.
We get new versions of tech
but let ourselves go to heck
so long as things entertain.
Try making new tracks
get lost in the stacks,
who knows what you’ll obtain.

© Donna M. Monnig

Today’s prompt was essentially to write some type of warning label.

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Say Hello to Goodbye (NaPoWriMo)

Say Hello to Goodbye DMM

Say Hello to Goodbye

To say goodbye is not the end,
for some it’s just beginning,
There is naught but change in
life, whether losing or in winning.

Sometimes the losers are really
winners, sometimes the winners lose,
To win the battle or the war, can
be a choice you have to choose.

The infinite game of life requires
strategy, courage, and commitment,
Study and respect your adversary,
takes you further than resentment.

Complain when the path is rough,
and your aim will surely fail,
Go instead where no path was trod,
and blaze for the world a trail.

Sometimes your dreams will die,
crushed under Goliaths’ shoe,
And it’s okay to say goodbye,
and dream of something new.

Goodbye also means move on,
go forward without delay,
It’s time to write a new chapter,
what are you going to say?

© Donna M. Monnig

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Alert the Copyright Office (NaPoWriMo)

Alert the Copyright Office

Things I overheard,
while talking to myself –
scary conversations.
Sanity is a relative
cognitive function.
Don’t bite the head
off of a snake.
Shouldn’t have to be told.
Common sense
isn’t very common.
History is the study
of the future –
mistake, record, repeat.
Alert the copyright office.
Things I overheard,
while answering myself –
that is the question.
To speak or not to speak.
Words are nothing
without meaning.
Who decides?
Insanity runs with scissors,
words cut into salads.
All the world is a Labyrinth,
but at least
the Minotaur is happy.
My mind, revised, 7th Edition.

© Donna M. Monnig

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A Square Circle (NaPoWriMo)

A Square Circle DMM

A Square Circle

There is no such thing
as a square circle.
Clocks do not strike
thirteen, despite our
wish for more hours
in a day.
The stars are fixed
on the black velvet
of space – they cannot
rearrange themselves
at whim.
Sand does not flow
backwards in an hourglass.
These are the laws of
the Universe.
Break the laws.
Make a clock with
thirteen hours –
magnetize the sand.
Space is a canvas,
paint the stars out of order.
Give a circle corners
and it becomes a star.
Do not be bound by
the possible.
Be unbound by the possibilities.
Rules were made
to be rewritten.
Square the Circle.

©Donna M. Monnig

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Reflections Lie (NaPoWriMo)

Reflections Lie DMM

Reflections Lie

The flower, poisoned by water –
Narcissus no more.
Reflections lie.
Like an Echo, only repeating
that which was said before,
Reflections show what all see
nothing new appears.
Reflections lie.
Disturb the surface, liquid or solid,
and the facade disappears.
Truth is in the bones,
much deeper than the skin.
Reflections lie.
Shallow, reflections cannot show
that which is within.
The water nymph knows
how deep still waters hide.
Reflections lie.
When you search for truth
you must always search inside.
Reflections lie.

©Donna M. Monnig

Today’s challenge was to write a poem using the Myth of Narcissus in some way.

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